Get it done!!

"Get your a$$ up and do it!!" - that's what I've been telling myself for the past weeks, but was always too busy with the Job, the family, GoT, computer games,... You know the usual excuses.

So, here we go. This weekend I'll be on my own, family gone, friends out on holidays - that means I am either hanging out or doing something meaningful. Therefore I'll be doing a Munich Vibes Youtube Video. You know, like the ones you get to see from New York City all the times. All including, Sunflares, SloMo Shots, people crossing the street... BlaBlaBla. 

Just setting up the shortlist in my head, hoping for good weather on Saturday!!


Munich OEZ

This weekend I was very close to the shooting that happened in Munich at the OEZ. While I don't want to get into details here, what stroke me was how quickly your live can be changed or taken. In theory we are all aware of this, but to experience it is a completely different thing.

So therefore I am now sitting on the computer and finally editing a bunch of pictures that have due for a long time. I hope they give some joy to the people who are waiting for them, as I think live should be about experiences and sharing them with others. And not to sit on a pile of unfinished RAW files and keep people waiting for them.

So let's get to work!!!

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this? Why do we expose our selves with our work to critics? Why do we accept to get harsh but justified and sometimes also mean feedback for our work?

For me it's the moments when one of pictures touches somebody, when I see their smile while looking at a picture of their kids or when they realise how good they look. And of course it gives me joy creating something. What will be left of me when I am gone? Having made some money, driving a fancy car - that's hardly something people will remember.

But when I leave some pictures that have touched people, maybe then later someone will remember me.

Here's a great little video I came across today that sums it up quite well:

Cleaning out Lightroom

WoW I still have stuff from one year ago to be processed in LR!! I think it's time to do a cleanup. This needs to be done, it's very depressing, but a good way to look at things from a distance and think about what went wrong. 

So... Let's do it. And I didn't touch my video files yet at all!!


Lazy on posting

Just realized how lazy I am on posting!! Well today I went thru the pictures on my phone and found a few nice ones from my recent travels.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

It's Moscow, Prague, L.A. and Warsaw. Guess I need to dig thru my SD Cards to see if there are some from my "real" cameras as well.